February 9, 2010

The Daily Bankruptcy News

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Lawyer Fight! Plot Thickens in Huge High Court Gun-Control Case

Sheppard Mullin Holds Steady

King & Spalding Lands 3 Litigation Partners From Orrick

Revenue, Profits Down at Schulte

Cooley Names New Bankruptcy Partner

Vinson & Elkins Makes Good by its Texas & D.C. Associates

Lovells and Hogan reveal members of top-level management team

Jenner & Block: Salaries and Bonuses Come in Low

Heller Ehrman Art To Be Auctioned Off Today

A&O in Oz – in the cards, sort of

Top Firm Leaders Discuss How to Win the Battle for Lateral Partners

The 2010 Lateral Report: Company Town

Even law firms face legal difficulties in big layoffs - Portland Business Journal:

Winston & Strawn Continues Expansion of NY Office

Law partner of Ponzi-schemer Rothstein sued for $1.2 million

Rothstein trustee seeks investor

Q&A with Author, Covington Partner Philip Howard

Lawyer Fight! Plot Thickens in Huge High Court Gun-Control Case

Lawyer Fight! Plot Thickens in Huge High Court Gun-Control Case

Lawyers for Jackson's Doctor Accustomed to High-Profile Cases

Former Glock Lawyer Faces Charges of Theft, Racketeering

The Audacity of Hopelessness: When Resigning to Your Fate May Be A Good Thing

Thinking the once unthinkable: Blue Collar

Avoiding Malpractice Risks When Providing Unbundled Legal Services Online

The 'Virtual Law Firm' That Can Rid You of Your Pesky Spouse in 20 Minutes

Couture-at-Law: How To Dress for Success on an Interview

Bracewell Minute Mentoring event provides quick advice from high-powered women

Temp Attorneys: Jones Day

ABA to Study How Law Firms & Schools Are Ranked

Panel OKs Total Attorneys Web Ads With ‘Very Little Margin for Error’

Jailhouse Lawyer of the Day: Shon Hopwood

Tulane Cancels Class: Students Free to Party With The Saints

The Future of E-books and Law School | Social Media Law Student

Case Western Law: Maybe They Are Top Tier After All?



Judge Questions Bank of America’s New Deal With S.E.C.

Pregaming the Next High Court Nomination

Prop. 8 Judge is Reportedly Gay: What to Make of That?

The Prop 8 Judge May Be Gay: Does It Matter?

Judge Reprimanded for Misleading YouTube Ads

The Trials of Felipe Reyna | The Texas Tribune

David H. Souter To Headline Harvard's 2010 Commencement

Court of Appeal Excoriates Judge Over Use of Contempt Power


Wall Street:

US Stock-Index Futures Advance

Prechter Predicts ‘Nowhere Will Be Safe’

Most European Stocks Decline as UBS Slides; Swatch Shares Gain

Debt fears drag Dow below 10000



Job market gauge rises for 5th month

Looking Up

Greenspan: Unemployment Will Not Fall Soon

Rate of job loss, Bush v Obama (fact checked)


Personal Finance:

Economists Link Athletics to Success in School, Job Markets

Study shows why it is so scary to lose money

Recession takes aim at Cupid this year



New York Town Says GM Mediators Lack ‘Expertise’

GM Said to Apply for 1.5 Billion Euros in German Aid for Opel

Looking With Anxiety at Toyota’s Future, From Two Perspectives

Toyota's Powerful DC Friends

It’s Time for Toyota's CEO to Go

Toyota Recall Cost Will Exceed $2 Billion Estimate, Lawyers Say

Opel Unveils Restructuring Plan



CIT to repay $750 million of debt

John Thain: Mr. Fixit Tries Again

John Thain's challenge to rebuild CIT Group post-bankruptcy

CIT sets John Thain's salary at $6 million a year



Magazines' Newsstand Sales Fall 9.1%

New Castle officials wrestle with Reader's Digest's exit



A List No Hotel Wants to Be On

Ritz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas to close



The Banks Own the Place. Do They Own Obama Too?

Buyer's Remorse Hits Wall Street Democrats

75% of Americans Angry at Government

Wall St. Now Sending Cash to Republicans



Bally Total Fitness hires former United Airlines executive as new senior VP



Shame And Fear: Inside Germany's Catholic Church Abuse Scandal



Feinberg Says He Spoke With Blankfein About Pay Plans

Bonus Watch: Greenwich Connecticut Is Feeling Good Again


Distressed Investing:

US hedge fund D.E. Shaw keen to buy distressed assets




Indicator Shows Improvement in Jobs Picture

Credit crunch villains get their parole

US Economic Stress Hit a Peak in Dec.


Real Estate:

For New York Real Estate Royalty, No Bust After the Boom

Fannie, Freddie Remain State Wards

Fed's Bullard Advocates Selling Mortgage Securities Gradually in 2010

High-Stakes Mortgage Fraud Trial Gets Under Way in San Francisco

Pay Borrowers to Pay Their Mortgage?

California $1M-Plus Home Sales Drop 24%

Soured NYC deal portends property storm

House Committee Investigates HAMP ‘Effectiveness’

Fitch Says Prime Jumbo RMBS Near 10% Delinquent

Judge Rules Against Lender,Lets Cabi Downtown Stay In Chapter 11

Home-builder Champion to put assets up for auction

Bankruptcy attorney calls for re-tooled investment structures

US trustee seeks bankruptcy denial for Capitol View developer

Nonprofit agency wants to buy mothballed Statler

Bankruptcy trustee accuses Capitol View Commerce Center developer of lying to creditors

Guilt & fear used to keep homeowners paying

Capital Restructure Group retained to restructure 100M in debt

Greenberg Traurig Takes Case of Sweetheart Rent Dispute



Once Again, Seeing the Shadow of Madoff

Ex-Intel exec admits conspiring with Rajaratnam

Woman Charged in Galleon Case Doesn’t Expect to Do Time

Insider’s Admission Deepens Galleon Case

BAE the Latest to Pay the FCPA Piper

Tomato bribery probe just the beginning, investigators say

FBI: Mortgage fraud fastest growing white collar crime

Top Firm Leaders Discuss How to Win the Battle for Lateral Partners

Long Terms for Fraud Out of Tech Bubble

Satyam auditor bailed

Ex-Ernst & Young Partner Sentenced to One Year and a Day for Securities Fraud



Californians Push Budget Reform

L.A. Scrambles to Patch Budget Hole

Crime streak just the latest in Vallejo's hard times



British Ski And Snowboard Federation Goes Bankrupt


Health Care:

Bills Stalled, Hospitals Fear Rising Unpaid Care

Health Costs Higher Where Hospital Competition Is Lower



America's Top 50 Philanthropists Gave Less in 2009



Will 80 Million Baby Boomers Bankrupt Social Security?

U.S. Losing AAA Is Way to Rein in Pelosi, Reid


Corporate Reform:

The Enforcers

Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Wall Street

Fed's Dudley: Financial reform needs global scope

Barclays CEO Says US Proposals 'Bad' for Global Rule-Making



Fair Finance Faces Involuntary Bankruptcy in Ohio



American Capital Hires Weil Gotshal to Advise on Restructuring


Mass Torts:

CSX Chases Plaintiff Firm Over Asbestos


Horse Racing:

Bank says Zayat hid his insurance from Thorn Song's death



Lenny Dykstra is Back

Sinbad struggles with his comeback


Theme Parks:

Six Flags officially files motion in bankruptcy court not to accept lease


Credit Cards:

More reject credit cards



MGM Mirage seeks to amend debt agreements



Accuride Judge Delays Reorganization Fight for Pursuit of Loan


Debt Collection:

FTC Returns $1.6 Million to Consumers Scammed by Bogus Debt Collector



Jan retail sales seen to rise | Reuters



Knowing Failure When You See It



"Terminator" Rights Sold for Only $29.5 Million



Interstate Bakeries creditors trust reaches $56M settlement

Importer Paganini in bankruptcy move



New Bankruptcy Opinions
(No new opinions today)

Bankruptcy Court Web/Pacer Site Directory

Recent Ch. 11 Filings


Bankruptcy Statistics:

Bankruptcies Maintain Similar Month-to-Month Rate in January

Bankruptcy filings climb in Wyoming

Valley bankruptcies dropped in January


Bankruptcy Theater:

Broadway Production of Enron Has Its CFO



Hedge Funds Don’t Have To Disclose Philly Newspaper Debt Prices



FairPoint Files Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan

FairPoint Cuts Its Debt In Reorganization Plan


Personal Bankruptcy:

True Story From My Best Birthday Ever



American Airlines to charge $8 for blankets

SAS to Cut 700 Jobs, Raise $670M in Share Issue

Why China Doesn't Care About the US



Lehman Brothers examiner ends probe of collapse

Lehman ruling creates new doubts for CDOs

Lehman challenges councils' right to sue



First Meeting Of Creditors Held In Arrow Trucking Bankruptcy Case



Menendez Prodded Fed to Aid Lender

Protecting Banks in the Boardroom

Rakoff Still Has Questions About SEC Pact With BofA

Bank of America Ruling on SEC Accord Due by Feb. 19

The Proletariat's Getting Peeved

Banker Liverpudlian Stew Disguises CDO Scraps as Tasty Morsels

UBS Makes Q4 Profit, but Withdrawals Continue



Third Circuit Clarifies Standard For Allowance of Break-Up Fees in Section 363 Sales



Corporate insolvencies fall - a temporary blip?

U.K. FSA Chief Executive Hector Sants Will Step Down This Year

Ethel Austin back in administration



Euro Near 8-Month Low Against Dollar on Greece Fiscal Crisis

Greek bailout speculation lifts euro

ECB May Be Forced to Delay Exit as Greece Unnerves Markets

Problems of Greece, Portugal to weigh on euro for years, Merrill says

Portugal Hires Banks to Sell Bonds Amid Europe Deficit Concerns

Worries over eurozone spell opportunity

Don’t Drink The Water: The Great CDS Colonial Reversal



Nortel retirees welcome Ontario pension rescue

Liberals defend Nortel pension decision



German Exports Down 18.4 Percent in 2009



CIC Offers a Glimpse of Holdings

Fed’s Yellen: U.S. Rates Too Hot for China

Why China Doesn't Care About the US



In Toyota Mess, Lesson for Japan

JAL skews January bankruptcy stats



Greece's Fiscal Woes Bring Bailout Questions

ECB Trichet departure sparks Greece rescue talk

EU Government Bank Says No Bailout for Greece



Who will save Ukraine from bankruptcy ?



Bankruptcies Soar 80% in Spain

Rising Job Losses Choke Spanish Recovery



It’s time for bankruptcy law reform

Bankruptcies rise by one third for architects, engineers


Middle East:

Dubai offered an alternative vision of the future



Sweden's Swedbank reports 1.4 billion dollar loss



Holders of Billions in Czar Bonds Seek Kremlin’s Paris Property



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