February 8, 2010

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January Thaw: Legal Sector Layoffs Lessen, Total Only 1,100 or So

Snapshot: Gary DiCamillo

Record Profits in ‘09 For Biggest Boston Firms

Report Shows Some Improvement in N.Y. Legal Market

Last Week in Layoffs

Finances First or Culture First?

DLA Piper accounts reveal 80% increase in net debt

Even law firms face legal difficulties in big layoffs

The 2010 Lateral Report - Starring Roles

Advice From the Corner Office: ‘Have Your Children Early in Your Career’

Indicators Pointing Down at Willkie

Helping Colleagues in Crisis

What Did They Really Say? Cuomo Suit Details Wachtell's Role in BofA Deal

lawjobs.com Career Center - Planning a Big Law Wedding

Diverse Practice, Low Debt Help BigLaw Firm Prosper

DC Firms Take a Snow Day

Partner "scarred for life" over lavatory horror

2nd S.C. Lawyer is Killed in 2 Days; Was His Slaying Also Case-Related?

President-Elect Nominee Bellows to Turn Attention to Jobless Lawyers ABAMidyear

President Lamm Hopes Full ABA Backing Will Help Win Loan Breaks for Law Grads

Just Good Friends: NY BigLaw Firm Denies Official Relationship With Freshman Senator

Alston & Bird Eyes Its Own Building

New managing partner Wade Cooper to take the helm of Jackson Walker

Allen & Overy to Open Australia Offices, Target Deals

White & Case Exodus Continues

3L Job App Sparks E-Mail War With ‘Patronizing & Condescending’ IT Ace

Is Cornell the Lady Gaga of Law Schools? Plus: celebrity comparisons for other law schools

Snowpocalypse LSAT at Georgetown

Psst...Wanna Buy a Law School

Repackaging for non-legal career - Get Better Elevator Speech

Attorney Gets 87 Months for ‘Lying and Stealing’ From Clients

Police Admit Error in Arrest of 12-Year-Old Girl Caught Doodling on Desk

Boston Legal Enjoys Record Profits Per Partner

Dexter Manley Gets Super Bowl Ring Held in John O’Quinn’s Safe Deposit Box



Race & Gender of Judges Make Enormous Differences in Rulings, Studies Find

Clarence Thomas Clarifies: His Clerks Aren't ‘TTT’

FantasySCOTUS: Testing the Wisdom of the Crowds

Justice Thomas Gives Shout-Out to Fla. Lawyer

After Ex-Girlfriend's Conviction, Ethics Complaint Still Stalks Judge

News from The Associated Press


Wall Street:

Stocks, US Futures, Commodities Rebound From Rout

Greece haunts, but European shares, euro recover

Stock Investors See Threats From All Directions

This Crisis Won’t Stop Moving

Irked, Wall St. Hedges Its Bet on Democrats

Women on Wall Street: Gains come hard



Jobless rate hits 5-month low but payrolls fall | Reuters



German Bounty Tears Veil Off Swiss Secrecy

Germany says public demands crackdown on tax evasion

Germany offered second batch of data on tax evaders


Credit Cards:

New Credit Card Rules About To Take Effect



Dynetech to file reorganization plan this month



$20 million the mark for Lloyd Blankfein?

Blankfein’s $9 Million Bonus Is PR Genius

Goldman CEO 'settles' for a $9 million bonus

Dimon’s 2009 Payday Reportedly $15 Million or More



McGrath's Publick Fish House files bankruptcy

Chains looking hungry



Cross Canyon Energy Files Prepackaged Bankruptcy

Former SemGroup trader Mia Oven drops out of lawsuit



Lobbying industry booms in recession



Chicago’s O’Hare Airport is Ground Zero for Hotel Distress



Kazakhstan’s 2d Largest Bank Seeks Protection of Its US Assets Through Chapter 15



Studio may spurn MGM and pounce on Miramax



MediaNews: Bankruptcy plan to have little impact on NM pubs

'Vancouver Columbian' Emerges From a Bankruptcy Mostly Triggered by Its HQ





US's Geithner-No double-dip slump but recovery slow

Geithner pushes for deficit commission

Fed to Bare Tightening Plan

No Job Growth for Small Business Spurs Recovery Doubt

Interview with Elizabeth Warren

Recovery, debt woes to hound

The Fate of Capitalism: Was Marx Right?

Global bailout fund a nonstarter?

Alan Greenspan fights back

G7 Vows to Keep the Money Flowing

Global Turmoil Hints Recovery Flounders

The Financial Crisis Won't Stop Moving

The Long and Grinding Road

How Obama Gets Keynes Wrong


Real Estate:

Two NY Lawyers, One Ex-Lawyer Arrested in Mortgage Fraud Probes

Monetary Policy and the Housing Bubble

Mortgage Bankers Mum on How They Fixed Their Own Mortgage Woes

Subprime Smackdown: State Street Agrees to $313 Million Settlement

The Ominous Signs of Robust Land Sales

Got $40 Million? A Florida Development Needs You

Battered Industrial Property Sector Poised to Resume Growth

Fed program's end won't cause mortgage rate jump

Homeowners associations score win against banks over foreclosures

Bankruptcy court: Kearney Construction ‘dead in the water’: Lender accuses development firm of self-dealing

Library Square plan dies with Patterson Park group

Downsized Crescent Resources eyes profit in 2011: Value of Charlotte developer’s assets will shrink dramatically

Creditor: Lenexa City Center will proceed: Another part of project faces bankruptcy

Opus West lawsuit says parent company ‘siphoned’ $150M

Everglades on the Bay condo’s bankruptcy reaches crossroads

Homeowners associations score win against banks over foreclosures

Threatened Legal Action Over NYC Rent Control Likely to Roil CMBS Market

4Kids Entertainment CEO Purchases Madoff Penthouse

FTC Rule Bans Up-Front Fees on Mortgage Modifications

Commercial Mortgage Industry Seeks Skin in the Game Option



Geithner: US Credit Rating Secure

Geithner Says US Will 'Never' Lose Its Aaa Debt Rating

Sovereign CDS -- Random Thoughts

The Bungee-Jump Recovery



JAL to stay with American, end Delta talks: report

Middle East airlines cash in on JAL's loss



Goldman's payment demands on AIG probed: report

Testy Conflict With Goldman Helped Push AIG to Edge

AIG Watch: $53 Billion Fed Secret, Hidden No Longer

AIG-Gate: The World's Greatest Insurance Heist



Financial Fraud Arbitration Cases Increased 43% in 2009

Madoff Relatives Agree to Asset Freeze

Madoffs' gravy drain

4Kids Entertainment CEO Purchases Madoff Penthouse

Allen Stanford's liquidators, receiver in talks | Reuters

SEC Abandons Beleaguered Backdating Case Against Former Broadcom Executives

Federal Judge Approves Settlements in Dreier Case

Insider trading on TARP info?

Is Ken Lewis Guilty?



Wanna Make a Deal? Well, These Folks Are Going to Make You Pay ...


Corporate Reform:

Democrats Go It Alone on Revamp of Finance Regulation

Dancing Across the Aisle

Financial reform talks break down in Senate

US watchdog sees Wall St. influence in Senate snag

Dodd forcing financial reform pace: Rep Frank

An Unlikely Guardian



CIT, emerging from bankruptcy , hires Thain as CEO

John Thain As CIT Chief: Savvy Move or Big Step Down?

After Turmoil at Merrill, Thain Will Lead the Lender CIT

GE's Private Concerns About Its Debt in 2008


Consumer Debt:

US Consumer Credit Fell for 11th Straight Month



Bankruptcy court authorizes liquidation of Ski Market chain

Retailers Likely to Close More U.S. Stores

Hill Country Galleria Sold at Bankruptcy Auction for $75M



Sinbad Files For Bankruptcy



Accountants needed in Haiti

Capitalizing on the Idea that “Accounting Is Boring”

Disappointing Accounting Firm Trend: Managers Sitting in Cubicles




New Bankruptcy Opinions
(3 new opinions today)

Bankruptcy Court Web/Pacer Site Directory


Recent Ch. 11 Filings

Bankruptcy Jobs:

(1)- (2)- (3)- (4)- (5)- (6)- (7)- (8)- (9)- (10)



GMAC leans on automakers for success

GM gets tax breaks, will keep RenCen headquarters

Bankrupt Kroymans' Ferrari Collection Sold

GM China sales nearly doubled in January

Perception vs. Reality: Is ‘Government Motors’ Picking on Toyota?


Mass Torts:

Plaintiffs Firms Mount Mass Attack on Toyota

Toyota Has Pattern of Slow Response on Safety Issues

Not Puttin' on the Brakes: Ex-Toyota Lawyer Finds an Even Bigger Stage

The Toyota Suits Accelerate; Will the MDL Land in Los Angeles?

A Crisis Made in Japan



Stop Nickel and Dimin' Me! Lawsuits Accuse Banks of Illegal Overdraft Fees

Banks to repurchase massive loans?

BofA Lends $758bn in 2009

Chicago Family Sues FDIC for $33m Over Closed Bank

State Street Pays $663m to Settle SEC Investigation

A Settlement but No Closure at Bank of America

Bank CEO Scorecard: Who’s Making the Most Dough



Advanta Continues Wave Of Abandoned Luxury Boxes



Teufel Nursery exits Chapter 11 - Home Channel News


Health Care:

NY gov: St Vincent's Hospital to get $6M in loans

St. Vincent's: pull the plug

Obama Plans Bipartisan Summit on Health Care


Distressed Investing:

TCW Said to Cut Fees for Distressed-Debt Funds Gundlach Started



Football’s Combative Restructuring: Man U Floats Junk, as Teams Sink

Corporate insolvencies continue to decline

Personal insolvencies hit record high

KPMG issues going concern warning for EMI

UK not at the end of the insolvency tunnel: PwC

UK Commercial Property Draws Record Amount From Funds



With Few Policy Tools, Trichet Faces Crisis in Greece

Will Europe Catch The Grecian Flu?

Europe's PIGS don't fly



Ontario to partially guarantee Nortel pensions

RBC staff flagged fraudster Earl Jones in 2001, suit claims



Insolvency Overhaul Will Help Australian Bond Sales



Japan's Bank Lending Falls for Second Straight Month



Germany turns up the heat on tax evaders



Government under fire from all sides


Middle East:

Trimming the Sails: Dubai Investors Lurch Into Uncharted Court Waters



Is Greece’s Debt Trashing the Euro?

Size of public debt catches up with Greece



| The Post



What happens if China's 'bubble' pops?

China's Vanishing Fiscal Stimulus



French Business Sentiment Climbs to Almost Two-Year High


Middle East:

Dubai bank does not have Cash Plus money



Sharp drop in Swedish bankruptcies



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