July 27, 2009

The Daily Bankruptcy News

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ABA Seeks to Shore Up Waning Membership

BigLaw Firm Axes Even More Associates in Sixth Round of Layoffs

Off-Shore Firm Can't Pay Staff as Clients Fail to Pay Bills

2 Lawyers on the G.M. Case Tell Their Story

Dechert Confirms Layoffs of ‘a Number of People’

A Very Expensive Typo

Orrick Shacks Up With Wachtell

Tipster: More Layoffs on Horizon at Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

Rumor: DLA Piper to Cut Equity Partners

Lobbyists Hit Buchanan Ingersoll With Malpractice Suit

As US Law Firms Shed Lawyers, Pro Bono Work Is Up

Halliwells Cutting Work Hours — Billing Requirments Stay the Same

Troutman Sanders Cuts Associate Payroll 10%

Ex-Staff Attorney's Discrimination Suit Against Covington Back on Track

Last Week in Layoffs: 07.25.09

Trio of major firms look to usher in merit-driven pay

The Bankruptcy Files: Quebecor World Emerges, Ritz Camera Rejoices

5th Circuit Rules That Changes in Debtor Income Should Be Addressed in Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

Court Tosses $72M Med-Mal Award, Saying Defense Deprived of Fair Trial

21st Century Armageddon

A&O moves to raise game on flexible working for all staff

Why lockstep needs to evolve

Prominent NY Litigator, Author on These Pages, Dies During Surgery

Firm's PEP sinks to associate level

NY Lawyer Handcuffed, Held for Calling Court Officer an Obscene Name Wins False Arrest Claim

Conyers Calls For AG to Open Probe of Claimed Bush Admin Abuses

The Tipping Point

DLA Piper chief exec’s pay packet £100K lighter

Less Pay, More Vacation for Employees of Scotland’s Biggest Law Firm

Texas Lawyer Charged in Parking Spat; No Gun Found in Office Search

A Tax Break For Burning Down Your House? Yep. That Sounds Like A Buckeye To Me.

Off the Clock: Breaking Away

UC law school faculty to see pay cuts and furloughs

The Indian legal market: how to win friends and alienate people



Calif. Judicial Council Burns 82 Grand on High-End Shindig


Wall Street:

Stocks set for modest gains

US corporate profit surprises may not last





Forget Aloof, Bernanke Goes Barnstorming

Taking Questions: Mr. Bernanke

Bernanke: Unemployment to top 10 percent



Honeywell profit falls 38 percent



Aetna Cuts Earnings Outlook As Net Drops 28%



Ryanair shares drop after profit warning


Credit Cards:

Playing your cards right best way to avoid penalty



Chihuahua owner sought to keep '3 dogs' in bankruptcy



The Truth About Detroit's Bankruptcies

Delphi To Ask Court To OK New Exit Plan

Antitrust Chief Hits Resistance in Crackdown

A Cliffhanger to See if a G.M. Turnaround Succeeds

The UAW's Defined Benefactor

GM's New Board Members: Up To The Task?



Recession Shadowing Chicago Bid for Games



Phil Mickelson Won’t Waffle on This Bid


Bankruptcy Crimes:

Dwek Laundered $3 Million in FBI Sweep Snaring Mayors

New Jersey's corruption arrests and 'due diligence'

How a disgraced investor struck one last deal



Bankruptcy Is Dykstra’s Weapon of Choice



All That Glitters…



New Bankruptcy Opinions
(No new opinions today)

Personal Finance:

When Debtors Decide to Default

Rethinking Bankruptcy



Wachovia, BofA, Citibank Sued Over 'Bad-Faith' Overdraft Fees

Big Bank Blinks; Is This the End for Mandatory Consumer Arbitration?

Europeans Denouncing Banker Bonuses Help New York Beat London



Oil rises near $69 as equities rally


Corporate Reform:

Antitrust Chief Hits Resistance in Crackdown

House May Vote on Executive Pay Plan



Three-Month Dollar Libor Declines to Below 0.50% for First Time

CIT May Struggle to Find Buyers for Aircraft, Railcar Units

CIT Reworks Tender to Punish Late Exchange of Notes

CIT Bondholder Adviser: Tender Offer Aimed At Out-Of Court Solution

Sports would feel hit if lender CIT pulled out

The Bank That Bailed Out Itself



The Revolution Rolls On: JPMorgan Chase Suspends Arbitration Activity



Nortel Bidders Line Up



Detroit's Schools Are Going Bankrupt, Too



Robert Louis-Dreyfus, Turnaround Specialist.


Hong Kong:

Hong Kong's Export Decline Slows as Demand Recovers



Russia plans bankruptcy law reform



German Consumer Sentiment Increases for Third Month



The Nortel Auction and Canadian Pride



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