January 15, 2001  

Daily Bankruptcy News

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St. Louis- TWA sale could sting D'Arcy, landlords($)

Another kind of piracy in the skies

Icahn Makes Bid To Spoil TWA Takeover By American($)

Icahn, Las Vegas company threaten suit over TWA, American deal($)

Icahn May Sue American to Keep Contract($)

Cash-Hungry TWA Takes Financing Offer

Carl Icahn wades into AMR-TWA deal($)

Icahn lawyer says TWA rejected deal to avoid bankruptcy($)

TWA's Frustration: The captain couldn't reverse years of loss($)


Power Utilities:

California governor asks Clinton's aid on supplies($)

Calif. Gov. to Push Plan to Buy Power($)

Will bankruptcy dim California's lights?($)

PG&E Corp. wins regulatory approval to change corporate structure to shield assets from utility debacle($)

State Purchased Electricity When Utilities Couldn't($)

Proposal could ease power crisis in Calif.($)

Dark Days For PG&E($)

California governor says his plan will restore stability to utility industry

Calif. Gov wants state to buy power for near bankrupt utilities($)

Blame California's energy crisis on botched deregulation

Federal bill to cap Calif. wholesale power prices($)

Calif. power crisis slows deregulation in other states

Deadline looms in California power crisis($)

White House Says Calif. Must Act on Power Crisis($)

Texas Power Suppliers Shun Bad Guy Label($)

PG&E's staff cuts mean service cuts, too

Knocking on D.C.'s Door

California's Energy Future Looks Dim

Calif. Frustration with Power Crisis Grows($)

SoCal Edison Executive Says Utility Will be Unable to Pay CalPX($)

What Happens if the Utilities Go Bankrupt?($)

Calif. utility head says no real action on power crisis($)

Credit crisis seen adding to Calif. blackout threat($)

State leaders pledge legislation to buy electricity immediately($)

Consumers shouldn't bail out California utilities


North Carolina- Several Banks A Risk For Defaults($)

Ag giant Tri Valley set to grow out of bankruptcy

Ex-corporate raider Bilzerian ordered to prison($)

CEO of Salt Lake City-Based Factory Software Company Cimetrix Files for Bankruptcy

  Bankruptcy Reform:

Bankruptcy reform could aid landlords with leases($)

Bankruptcy reform to get another shot under Bush($)


Bankruptcy Judge Speaks Out About How Not To Win In His Courtroom($)

Experts- Drop in bankruptcies not a trend($)

Casino Owner, JCC Holding Company, Files Disclosure Statement Outlining Agreement With Bondholders, Banks and Harrah's Entertainment, Inc.

Harnischfeger disputes state's severance claims

Wards' demise paves way for new retail


After nine years of growth, a slower, uncertain economy

Economic slowdown means business increase for some($)


Steel Industry:

U.S. steel industry melts down

Some LTV Retirees Will Go Unpaid($)

Steelmakers grapple with plummeting prices

Steelmaker CSC Ltd. files for bankruptcy protection, cites oversupply($)


Appraisal Institute Calls for Congressional Hearings to Curb Undue Lender Influence($)

Bankrupt nursing home CEO gets $55 million departure deal($)

Tacoma, WA: Vanalco Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


Store Closures May Chill Real Estate

Slow Economy Could Kill Off Some Retailers($)


Anna Nicole:

Marshall said marrying Smith was mistake, nurse testifies


Gaming Industry:

New Orleans, LA: City, governor ready for concessions, but is the Legislature($)

Governor agrees to deal cutting Harrah's casino tax($)

MGM MIRAGE, Venetian explain their decision against investing in National Airlines on eve of bankruptcy($)

Outspoken judge with blue-collar roots tackling LTV case($)

U.S. Steel Requests Temporary 8 Percent Cut In Vendor Prices($)

LTV’s tax treatment traces to’86 bankruptcy


Outboard Marine:

Manufacturer's bankruptcy hands companies challenge- Outboard Marine puts Chris-Craft on market

Soros took bath with Outboard Marine Corp. investment($)


American Homestar's Bankruptcy Filing Stirs Talk of Who's Next($)

Chicago Building Materials Firm Takes $1 Billion Charge To Cover Asbestos Claims

What's going to happen to Crowe Rope?



New Bankruptcy Opinions
(1 new opinion today)


Insurer collapses amid rising asbestosis claims



Korea sees Daewoo Motor sale progressing

Korean government sees GM decision on Daewoo by end of February



Hungary to Sue Auditors Arthur Andersen, Deloitte and Touch and Prudentia after Postabank Goes Bankrupt($)


Movie Theater Industry:

Loews Cineplex reportedly preparing bankruptcy protection filing($)

Loews Cineplex in talks with GE Capital-Globe and Mail($)

The Last Picture Show($)

Imax Sees Turmoil Another 12-18 Months($)

Loew's Cineplex prepares cash-crunch financing


Service Merchandise: bankruptcy dilemma not likely to end soon($)

Outlets for Tension: Prime Retail's Malls Need to Produce to Pay for Last-Minute Rescue

Sunshine Laser bankrupt Operating costs downfall for low-price providers


Darwin Bankruptcy Won't Affect Cincinnati Office

GovWorks shutdown? Seeks Chapter 11 protection

Court Dismisses Involuntary Petition Filed Against Businessmall.com

Even as 'Net firms burn cash, smart investors smell opportunity

Dotcoms Abandon Super Bowl

100 HarvardNet customers suffer Internet blackout



Bazillion goes quietly into that long dark night($)



Bradlees to close New Milford store

Ex-owner Stop & Shop acts to aid troubled Bradlees sell store leases($)


Restructuring . . .

CNN, NBC To Cut Hundreds of Jobs

EMusic prepares layoffs, restructuring

Intershop Initiates Global Restructuring


Louis H. Kornreich Appointed Bankruptcy Judge In Maine

Asbestos harms corporate health as lawsuits grow($)

Government Disposes Of Uniroyal Technology Shares Received By EPA As Bankruptcy Dividend($)

Empire Of Carolina Receives Final Notice of AMEX Delisting


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