September 11, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Noah Sues New World Coffee Over Timing Of Bid And Alleged Violations Of Disclosure/Solicitation Rules

Bankrupt City Can't Account For Missing Seized Funds - Now There Is A New Creditor In The Case

Tough Love? Saul and Robert Steinberg sued by their mother for total $6.2 million


PageNet Wins Approval of Disclosure Statement

PageNet Wins Approval of Disclosure Statement; PageNet to Proceed with Solicitation of Creditors' Vote With Backing of Plan and Arch Merger by Creditor's Committee

Paging Network- Judge Dismisses Metrocall Motion To Terminate Exclusivity



Is Bankruptcy the New Dot-Com Marketing Plan?

Dot-Com Flop Tracker

Spielberg's On-Line Movie Studio Goes Bust

Newspapers' Slump Reflects Dot-Com Death Spiral


Internet Consultants Feeling The Pain


Bankrupt Texas Town Considers Consolidation With More Solvent Neighbor

Sun Healthcare:

Sun Healthcare Sees Improvement

Sun Founder Leaves; Firm Still in Bankruptcy

Sun bankruptcy update- Collecting accounts receivable

Former Sun CEO Working

Sun Healthcare founder switches jobs

Court OKs Sun, Turner Deal


Golf Communities petition approved, now faces liquidation

Court Approves Transfer of Iridium's Reston Lease

Acme Metals:

Bankrupt Acme Metals Considers Sale To Steelmaker

WCI Steel, A Renco Steel Subsidiary, Formalizes Interest In Acme Steel


FBI seizes 7 cars of DFJ Italia officials



  White House Response To Republican Bankruptcy Reform Proposal

Fitch Downgrades United Companies Financial Corp. Manuf Housing Bonds

Movie Theater Industry:

Edwards Chain Accused of Lavish Payouts

Build them and they'll sit empty

United Artists to Keep Four Phoenix-Area Theaters Open During Bankruptcy

Not All Projections Bad for Overgrown Theater Chains

The Last Picture Show?


GST deal still needs further approvals

Involuntary Bankruptcy Petition Filed Against The Children's Beverage Group, Inc.

Electronic Business Services:

Electronic Business Services Files Chapter 11 Petition

Electronic Business Services' 8-K


Southmoore Golf Course seeks creditor protection

Aryan Nations:

Jury Verdict Could Bankrupt Aryans

$6m judgment may ruin far-right group

Lawyer says Idaho verdict will bankrupt Aryan Nations


Hawaii- Mall owner drops offer for Liberty House


In Hot Economy, Niche Retailers Left in a Suddenly Cold Place

Strouds Gets Bankruptcy Court OK To Continue Operations

Strouds, Inc. Receives Approval of First-Day Orders in Connection With Voluntary Chapter 11 Restructuring


Tired of Waiting, CEO of Tampa, Fla. Industrial Firm Proposes Liquidation

Wisconsin Orders Bankrupt Papermaking Machinery Firm to Pay Workers’ Severance

Galveston: Court asked to freeze Duzich's assets


New Bankruptcy Opinions
(No new opinions today)


Independent Energy Holdings lacks funds

Dome minister ignored auditors' warning for nine months

A disaster - and they knew it

Britain's Top "Company Doctor" To Attempt To Revive Dome

Mandy Dodges Dome Flak



Moody's Lets the Air Out of Japan



Argentine SCP seeks bankruptcy protection with $700 million in debt

Argentina's Comercial Hires Dresdner For CGC Stake Sale



South Korean dotcoms heading for collapse



Nepal's Key Bank Reports Vast Fraud



AHERF defendants back in court Monday

Allegheny chiefs face hearing on criminal charges


How Service Corp. Screwed Up Funerals - Forbes Say Company "Sits Uncomfortably Close To Bankruptcy"

Shea offers Baptist Foundation $85 million

Federal District Court Holds Insider Trading Lawsuit Barred Because Bankruptcy Court Approved Stock Sale

Prime Retail Warns Of Possible Bankruptcy If Lehman Brothers Loans Fail To Close



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