October 25, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Federal-Mogul Falls on Bankruptcy Speculation

Analyst Warns Struggling Federal-Mogul May Be Forced To Seek Bankruptcy

Asbestos Shackles Fedl-Mogul; Analyst Predicts Bankruptcy
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Bankruptcy Reform:

Change Expected in Bankruptcy Filings for Financial Institutions

House OKs Bill To Reduce Bank Risk

House OKs Bill To Reduce Bank Risk



Xerox stages fire sale to raise cash

After Its First Quarterly Loss in 16 Years, Xerox To Slash Jobs, Costs

Xerox seeks $5bn in cuts and sell-offs


CanFibre Group's Riverside unit files bankruptcy

Golden Phoenix Minerals Wins Purchase Bid in Bankruptcy Court for Mineral Ridge Gold Mine

Nu-kote sold for $17 million under bankruptcy plan

  Movie Theater Industry:

Loews Cineplex considers filing for bankruptcy

MGM Income Rises 162 Percent in the Third Quarter


Anna Nicole:

Marshall appeal rips Smith's $450 million bankruptcy court award

Mistrial Possible in Former Playmate's Lawsuit



Doughnuts v. Dotcoms

Dot-com detritus

Attempts To Save Boxman Fail - 120 Staff Dismissed

It's a tangled Web they thieve

As Dotcoms Fall, Office Market In Austin Sees
Signs of Easing
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Online Scorecard & Dot-Com Death Pool: ‘Independent’ healthcare e-commerce marketplaces growing in number again

Bankruptcy of Housewares Web Retailer Living.com Chills Consumer Interest In Online Furniture Shopping






New Bankruptcy Opinions
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The CanFibre Group- Corporate Update



Public Assistance Needed By Sogo Will Exceed 120 Billion Yen

Sogo shenanigans to cost taxpayers 130 bil. yen

Sogo faced with hard sell



Debt-ridden vicar 'swindled 26,000 from the church'



Edge's Wang and wife are bankrupt


Linc Capital, Trying To Avoid Bankruptcy, Sees $20M-$22 Million In Proceeds From Sale Of Unit

Shakeout At The CLEC Corral

Quantum North America - 8K


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