October 24, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Movie Theater Industry:

Theaters' troubles not hurting studios -- yet

Nation's 10th Largest City Just Has Just One Place Left To See First-Run Films

Long Beach Strives to Salvage Troubled Waterfront Project


Federal-Mogul stock falls on analyst downgrade over bankruptcy fears


Missouri Firm Closes Building Material Stores


Prosecutors Face Another Setback in AHERF Prosecution

Reliance to increase reserves by $332 million

Bankruptcy Lawyer Comments On Potential Increases In Dallas Bankruptcy Filings


Xerox to Announce Restructuring Program

Struggling Xerox to reveal rescue plan

Xerox Reports $167M Quarterly Loss


More doctors learning business side of health: Bankruptcies spur new interest in how to maintain steady cash flow

Following Several Independent Practice group Bankruptcies, Texas Health Plans Want Doctors' Groups To Meet Strict New Financial Standards


  Bankruptcy Reform:

Bankruptcy Bill Last of Session

Internet privacy on top of agenda for next Congressional session

On Privacy, Banks Have a Choice- Voluntary Compliance, or Tougher Laws

Senate meets today to discuss bankruptcy bill procedural issues


Credit "blowups" a big cause of corporate bond ills

Negative Savings: Just Like The Roaring 20s?


Sneezing nickels, squeezing dot-coms

Dot-com job cuts continue to rise

Value America To Sell Off E-Services Business

Dotcom executives 'more likely to have dark pasts'

E-commerce company Boxman fails


Bankruptcy Lawyers John Durkheimer and Milo Petranovich Instrumental In Unraveling Atlas Crisis

Enhance Financial Reports Accord Reached to Settle Lawsuit by Creditrust With No Payments

PageNet Stakeholders Vote Overwhelmingly To Accept Plan of Reorganization and Merger with Arch Wireless

Georgia economy may have hard landing


New Bankruptcy Opinions
(1 new opinion today)


US Prudential to help revive Japan's failed Kyoei

Prudential Cant Stop Bankruptcy of Japanese Life Insurer

Sogo plans to close 9 stores by January if no takers

Foreign insurers scramble for toehold in Japan



Time For A Real Shake-Up



Daewoo Motor runs out of road



Governor of Armenian Central Bank comments on increasing bankruptcy


Farmers Cooperative Association: Co-op to sell 'some' assets to help pay off debts

Grand jury investigates Home Health Corp.

The Game Of Bankruptcy: Japanese Economist Rolls to World Monopoly Title

Bankruptcy Settlement To Close Gardens' Joan & David Shoe Store


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