October 23, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Tax Payoff Plan Leads to More Bankruptcies

Chapter 11 Haven: Florida Has Oranges and Delaware Has Bankruptcies

Ear to the Ground: Are banks' rising problem loans a sign of something worse to come? 
(Barron's: paid subscription required)

Greenspan, Summers Urge Action on U.S. Netting Bill

Greenspan, Summers want protection for banking system

Elias Corp:

Big Boy Files for Bankruptcy

Big Boy goes bust

Elias Brothers Corporation Has Entered into a Purchase Agreement With a Local Investor; Files for Reorganization Under Chapter 11

Big Boy is broke; new deal in works



Goodbye To The Old Xerox

Xerox Talking to GE About Unit Sale

Possible Asset Sale Stems Xerox Slide

Is Tuesday D-Day At The 'Document Company?'


Equity Bankruptcy Committee for Coram Healthcare is Appointed to Represent Shareholder Interests

Shoe Firm Joan and David Oversteps Store Effort, Forcing Sell-Off

Quantum North America Inc. Files Chapter 11

Tri Valley:

Tri Valley in talks with several buyers

California Farmers Submit Emergency Relief Bill


Steel companies race to emerge from bankruptcy

Family Health Care: Insurers Seek Ways to Keep Patients With Their Doctors

Federal bankruptcy judgeship now open

Congress Restores Funding for Medicare - Veto Threatened  

New Jersey-Based Supermarket Chain Seeks Auction Date for Sale of Company

Baby Bell failures could loom large for telecom giants

  Bankruptcy Reform:

Congress zeros in on bankruptcy

Senate Makes Motion to Proceed with Bankruptcy Measure

Senate moves...slowly, on bankruptcy reform

Greenspan, Summers urge action on U.S. netting bill

Greenspan, Summers seek derivative law to protect banks


Nothing but plastic, fantastic times for U.S. consumers

Movie Theater Industry:

Loews Cineplex posts second quarter loss

Loews Cineplex picture darkens with $55.5-M Q3 loss

Loews looking for white knight

Theaters close as cinemas change


Bankruptcy Court enriched

Accused Serial Killer and Wife File Bankruptcy


Value America finds a white knight

WebPRN Files For Bankruptcy

Dotcom Closed Because Of To Many Customers-

Some dot-coms fall behind on bills

Shaq among Net's unpaid

LeisureNet elephant lands on corporate medic

NetZero Welcomes Freeinternet.com Users

Tech correction isn't finished yet, Vulcan chief says

Living.com: All the records fit to publish

Employee and Customer data  posted on Living.com by trustee yanked after complaints

Wearing company failure as a badge of honor

E-tailers still search for magic formula


Wyoming: Bankruptcy Filings Drop For 1st Time in 5 Years

Lessons from investors who blew it

Bankrupt Orbcomm Signs Up Komatsu As New Customer


New Bankruptcy Opinions
(4 new opinions today)


Japan Life Insurer Files Bankruptcy

Kyoei Insurance's Bankruptcy Filing Widens Opening for Foreign Groups
(WSJ: paid subscription required)

Tokyo stocks higher, shrug off Kyoei Life news

Law worries policyholders

AIG exec to head rehabilitation

Structural problems stifle economic recovery

Japan rocked after biggest corporate failure since 1945

Softbank denies bailout plans for failed Kyoei



Rebirth of Eaton's nears

High-tech star Riptide flames out



Hackney Heading For Bankruptcy- Parents take over nursery schools

Parents stage sit-in at nursery



Liquidator appointed to failed TransAer



Legislator Facing Bankruptcy after 1.6 Million Writ



SAirGroup's Sabena sees bankruptcy by year-end



Insolvency Act to be introduced during winter session of Parliament



Ukraine- most coal mines facing bankruptcy



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