October 2, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Prime Succession Reorganization Delayed

Riverside, Calif. Area Ties for Highest Rate of Small Business Bankruptcies

DFJ Italia:

DFJ Italia: Former Executive Admits He Used Company Funds To Purchase Cars and Gifts for Girl Friend

Executive of Failed Irvine, Calif., Investment Firm Used Funds to Buy Gifts


MicroAge Inc. Announces Sale of MicroAge Teleservices Subsidiary Through Voluntary Chapter 11 Proceeding and Competitive Bidding Procedure

Movie Theater Industry:

Two opposing predictions on future of video rentals

Glut of movie megaplexes turning into financial flop

Bankrupt Carmike faces red tide

Boston-Based General Cinemas Closes Federal Way Theater

Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Announces Results for the Second Quarter 2000

Carmike 10-Q

Carmike Cinemas Reports Big 2nd-Quarter Loss


S&P Expands Rating Evaluation Service Re- Chapter 11 Companies

Philadelphia- Burrups Packard buys Global Financial Press In Bankruptcy Auction

New Pathmark Shareholders May Be Betting On A Takeover
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Pro Air's future hits turbulence

Anna Nicole:

Anna Nicole Smith Enters Court In Texas

Stripper strikes gold in a mighty battle of wills

Anna Nicole's 1.6bn setback


Nettel Communications Files For Bankruptcy

Las Vegas: Bankruptcy Possible By Owner Of Regent Las Vegas Casino
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  Bankruptcy Reform:

Regulators Examine Threat To Privacy In Bankruptcy Filings

FTC staff comments on privacy and identity theft issues

Legislative Update

Congressional Republicans Now Looking at Late October Adjournment Date


Paracelsus filing long anticipated

Fine Air gets operating cash lifeline


Laid-Off Dot-Commer - Let's Party

Value America- A bankruptcy case study

Many more Value Americas to come

Dot-com bankruptcies- Who will survive?

Smoldering- 'Net companies, still burning cash, try to conserve their tinder'

Privacy for sale!


Unidigital, five units file Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Start-Up Which Purchased Iridium Assets Is Looking Up

Malibu Entertainment Worldwide Amends Credit Facility

Financier Carl Icahn Pulls Sands Casino From Bankruptcy With Wire Transfer
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Gibbs Construction Seeks Change in Effective Date of Bankruptcy Reorganization Plan


Vencor, Inc. Files Plan of Reorganization

Vencor files reorganization plan, Ventas objects

Ventas Addresses Vencor's Preliminary Plan of Reorganization


Zeta Consumer Products plant equipment sold at auction


New Bankruptcy Opinions
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Business failures 'fall by 6.4%'

Taxman ruined a life 'by mistake'



Supermarket failures approach last year's level in Jan.-Aug.

Sogo closes its doors in Singapore



Several Argentine Soccer Clubs On Verge Of Bankruptcy


Czech Republic:

Globalization Takes Toll On the Czech Economy



Sale of S.Korea Hanbo in jeopardy

US Consortium Still In Talks To Buy Hanbo Assets
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Harvard Industries Reports Breed Announces It Will Pursue Internal Restructuring

Chicago- Gold Coast Shop Owner Faces Bankruptcy Fraud Charge

Brown & Wood Increases Size Of Bankruptcy Group
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Golf Day, Discount Golf Equipment Chain Goes Out of Business

Signal Hill, Calif.-Based Developer Files for Bankruptcy

Sutro Drops LTC Properties, Saying Co. Refuses To Talk

Stock Swindler Charged With Bankruptcy Fraud May Have Diverted Cash to Casino Ship

New Jersey Grocer Grand Union Continues Quest for a Buyer

Harvard Indus Disappointed Breed Chooses Stand-Alone Plan

Key Plastics Sees Filing Reorganization Plan Or Sale Motion By Oct. 5



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