October 11, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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NextWave Loses Broadcast Fight

Supreme Court clears way for wireless auctions


Movie Theater Industry:

Glut of movie screens leads to bloodbath of red ink

Theaters Aren't Closing Everywhere

Buffalo, N.Y.-Area Movie Theaters Close as Chains Overscreen

Small Business Owners Suffer When Cinema Chains Fold

Movie chain drops 2 Mayfair screens


Strouds, Inc. Selects Great American Group and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners, LLC to Close 9 Stores

Loehmann's, Inc. Emerges From Chapter 11

Economic boom a bust for consumers in debt

Strouds drafts takeover expert Analysts give grim prognoses of retailer's attempts to reorganize

Crown Vantage Purchase Called Off

American MetroComm Seeks Court Permission To Abandon Disputed Cisco Equipment
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IHS Bankruptcy Update- Shedding unwanted leases

Farmer's Co-op:

FCA seeks bailout deal

Two regional farm cooperatives reported considering FCA bailout

Lawrence co-op's bankruptcy shouldn't be surprising to area farm scene


Nevada Bob's in trouble

AmeriServ sells Chicago, Mexico distribution centers

Utah Bankruptcies on Pace for Record

One year after bankruptcy filing, where is Jitney?

  Corporate credit quality in biggest drop since '89-Moody's

Drypers Corporation Files for Reorganization

Parents group seeks to buy private Tesseract school

Owens Corning:

Owens Corning Negotiating Deal with Banks

Owens Corning reaches agreement with bank lenders

Judge OK's Owens Corning agreement with banks re "cash grab"

Owens Corning Seeks to Stop Lenders From Declaring Default

New chapter in asbestos suits

Owens Corning Bankruptcy Benefits Company's Competitor


Nursing Homes:

Judge rules state can't cut off Medicaid to nursing homes



Gazoontite files for bankruptcy

FreeI Networks gets the bill

Gazoontite Ends Dot-com Portion Of Its Operation

Golf Web Site Chipshot.com Files Bankruptcy

DealTracker - NetZero

NetZero Banking On The Intangibles

Sites profit from e-tailer casualties


Doctor's Taxes Discharged After Guilty Plea For Willful Failure To File Returns

Bank's Loans To Bankrupt Companies Make It A Takeover Target

The Relationship Between Nonbusiness Bankruptcy Filings and Various Basic Measures of Consumer Debt

Community West Bancshares Files Suit Against Former Auditors D&T, Alleging Deficient Services



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Japan sends mixed signals on Chiyoda impact

Customers assail collapsed Chiyoda

Chiyoda Mutual fails; AIG said poised to help

FRC head chides Tokai Bank for not rescuing Chiyoda

Targeted in Lawsuits, Former Executive
Of Troubled Retailer Commits Suicide
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Sogo Files Suit Against Former Officers For Paying Out Dividends

Former Japanese Exec Commits Suicide

Myth of insurers' invulnerability shattered

Reaction to Chiyoda mixed

Buying Influence
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China’s Hainan trust defaults in Samurai mkt



Former Olympic swimmer declared bankrupt

Bank debts sink Brooks



Failed entrepreneur Wang on the verge of bankruptcy


$20 million relief measure targets Tri-Valley Growers Farmers slammed by bankruptcy

Cincinatti Cordage & Paper assets to be auctioned


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