November 7, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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LogoAthletic, Supplier Of Uniforms For NFL Teams,  Files for Bankruptcy Protection From Creditors


Judge Upholds $145 Billion Smokers' Award

Tobacco Companies- "no industry in the world can pay a $145 billion punitive damage award"



Can Beauty Beat the Dot-Beast?

Taneja's old company is bankrupt

Scour Exchange File-Sharing System Shutting Down

Interfase Capital Denies Causing Urban Box Office's Demise

The dot-com downturn is no surprise to business historians. They've seen it all before.
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Staying Alive
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Dot-Com Dominoes
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Vencor, Inc. Announces First Amended Plan of Reorganization

Albany, NY: National Finance Corp. Makes Deal On Debt - Involuntary Bankruptcy To Be Dismissed

Moab, UT: Chapter 11 Filed by Sunrise Airlines After Falling $20,000 Behind in Fees



  Bankruptcy Reform:

Bankruptcy bill

Mr. President

Ch. 12


Cisco To Purchase American MetroComm's Assets For $19M
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Financially Struggling Oregon HMOs

Bankrupt Clothing Maker Tultex in Talks to Sell Last Major Property

Major Clinton Contributor In No Asset Bankruptcy Case?

Laidlaw's troubles continue to simmer

Boca brokerage declares bankruptcy

Robert Brennan:

Trenton, N.J., Financier Is Eager to Stand Trial On Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

Despite new charges, former penny stock mogul wants no delay in bankruptcy fraud trial

Despite new charges against him, Brennan gets wish for Dec. 5 trial


Nursing Homes:

Bankrupt, and without a plan


Prichard pays off claims below $2,000 Bankrupt city also pays part of debt owed to bank

Repair Of IRS Offer In Compromise Program Will Take Two Years
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New Bankruptcy Opinions
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Daewoo Motor Faces Bankruptcy

Daewoo Motor and Labor Union Fail To Reach Agreement on Restructuring
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Hyundai Construction to Avoid Court Receivership 

Daewoo Motor granted last-minute delay on debts

Daewoo Motor facts and figures

GM Still in Due Diligence on Daewoo Motor

Hyundai scion to sell shares as Daewoo hits debt crisis

Giant Korean firms near bankruptcy

Korea's FSC Pushes Daewoo to Draw up Strong Self Rescue Plan

Banks Give Hyundai Group Reprieve, But Worries About Reform Continue
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New Aerolineas Argentinas director to lighten debt load



Russian tax agencies authorized to petition for lenders' bankruptcy



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