November 2, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Drypers Corporation Receives Final Approval of DIP Financing and Settlement Plan With P&G

Houston-Based Diaper Company Settles Suit with P&G


Unregistered notes focus of Loewen controversy


Fed Finds Evidence of Slowing Economic Activity

Manufacturing Activity Slows in October


Credit Woes Surface On Late 90s GE Capital and ContiMortgage Home Equity Loan Push
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Appeals Court Rulings Question FCC's Next Move on NextWave

The Opinions:

GWI and NextWave



Student Advantage Completes Acquisition After Securing $10 million in Equity Financing Earlier In Week's North Amer Affiliate Files Chapter 11 Petition to Buy Bankrupt Scour Inc.'s Assets

Listen's Scour deal still faces scrub test

NetZero Acquires Key Assets of


Chicago: "Mayor of Maxwell Street" On Trial For Bankruptcy Fraud


Sale Of MicroAge Unit Delayed, As UPS Proposes New Idea
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Grand Union:

Grand Union: Speculation Surrounds Wholesaler’s Deal to Buy Wayne, N.J.-Based Grocery Chain

Grand Union/C&S Wholesale Deal Not As Scary As It Looks
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Wholesaler Bids for Grand Union Others may vie for bankrupt chain

Grocers eye Vermont Grand Union stores

Rivals Bid on New Jersey-Based Bankrupt Grocery



  Bankruptcy Reform:

Senate Plans Lame-Duck Session Starting Nov. 14, With Bankruptcy Reform On A "Limited Agenda"

'One-sided' bankruptcy bill hits snag

Ironic Origin of the Term "Lame Duck"

Congress Expects To Wrap Up Lame Duck Session In A Few Days, With Bankruptcy Reform On Short-List Agenda

US Senate Agrees To Lame-Duck Session; House Tentative
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Senate Blocks U.S. Bankruptcy Bill, Prospects Dim

Status Of Bankruptcy Reform Bill

US Senate Schedules Wednesday Vote On Bankruptcy Bill
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Senate GOP Leaders Lose Vote To Choke Off Debate On Bankruptcy Bill

Senators' Comments On Cloture

Absent senators hurt GOP effort to force vote on bankruptcy bill

Lott Says He Understands Why Senators Would Miss Vote, Making Passage Of Cloture Motion Impossible

Chairman Of Bankruptcy Review Commission Comments On Bankruptcy Reform Legislation

Senate Agrees To Delay Budget Fight

Prospects grow for congressional lame-duck session, which would increase likelihood of bankruptcy reform


Nursing Homes:

Report on Texas homes calls for more reimbursement, staffing

With 20% Of Florida's Nursing Homes In Bankruptcy, State, Nursing Homes Spar Over Home Care for Elderly
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Arizona: Black nursing home closing its doors because of financial problems


Former Penny Stock Mogul Faces New Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

Fruit of the Loom gains some time

Perry Ellis International Purchases Mondo di Marco Brands From Bankruptcy Estate

Wilcox County, Alabama- Court Clerk Willie Powell accused of hiding thousands of dollars in assets from federal authorities even as he filed for Chapter 13




New Bankruptcy Opinions
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Hyundai given final bankruptcy ultimatum

Creditors urge Hyundai owners to use personal wealth for rescue

Hyundai Engineering Says It Can Pay $80 Million in Maturing Bonds
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Hyundai under orders to pay back 692m of debt

South Korean Monoliths
Lurch Under Debt Load
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S. Korea Hyundai Loses on Ship Plan



Gov't Adopts Bankruptcy Bill For Individuals



Firms Act to Appease Creditors In China's First Debt Restructure

GITIC: repayments begin


Czech Republic:

LET's crisis results in bankruptcy proceedings



Canada's Churches Brace For Onslaught Of Abuse Cases



Kenyan Minister Faces Bankruptcy Over Clothes


Bank One Loses Appeal On Judgment For Cutting Off Financing To Business Experiencing Routine Financial Problems

Reliance Group ratings fall as bankruptcy looms

Supreme Beef Failed Salmonella Tests Before Declaring Bankruptcy

Movie Theater Industry:

Box-office nearly even with '99 pace


Bankrupt Service Merchandise Targeted By Shareholders Upset About Losing Their Shares

Thriving in Hard Times

Judge designates trustee to oversee Mountain Energy Hearing will decide whether to force it into bankruptcy


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