August 21, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Shareholder Suit Filed Versus

Low-Margin Dotcoms Hit Rough Patch

Dot-coms Cut Staff to Survive

CollegeClub makes layoffs

Dot-Com Fallout Has Been Healthy, Executive Says

Dot-Coms Falling From Nasdaq's Grace

Net car seller's e-commerce skids to a halt

WebMD Starts Layoffs

Report reveals true scale of debts

Toysmart customer data still in limbo

Are the little guys dragging Amazon down

Creditors of Failed Austin, Texas-Based Furniture E-Tailer Wait for Payback

Value America Searches For Self-Worth

Toysmart Customers Still in Limbo

Defunct Furniture Retailer Will Try to Fill Customers’ Orders Adds Experienced Bankruptcy Director To Board


Laidlaw would consider selling Greyhound Lines; Canadian parent company struggling with debt woes

Metrocall Supplements its Competing Plan Motion and Objects To PageNet's Break-Up Fee/Window-Shop Provision

Delaware Court OKs Sun Healthcare Reorganization Delay

Retailer To Sell J.Peterman


Wal-Mart Buys Food Distributor AmeriServe

Tricon to extend pact with AmeriServe

Tricon to extend pact with AmeriServe as part of sale to McLane

AmeriServe to sell some assets to McLane

Tricon Pleased With Proposed AmeriServe Sale to McLane

AmeriServe Signs Definitive Agreement for Acquisition by McLane


United Companies Receives Approval for Modified Disclosure Statement and Conducts Auction of Assets

Loewen Group Begins Reorganization Plan Talks

Prison Firm Won't File Bankruptcy To Bail Out Merger Seen As Better Option

Former American General Finance employee denies document shredding allegations

Fewer Southern Californians Opt for Bankruptcy



National Retail Chain Falls into Bankruptcy Due to Overextension

Heilig-Meyers stock snapped up

Heilig-Meyers closing Mississippi area stores

Uncertain Fate Awaits Randleman, N.C., Furniture Retailer as Parent Closes

Shareholder Has Own Plans for Furniture Retailer

Richmond, Va.-Based Furniture Retailer to Close Stores in Oregon, Washington

Heilig-Meyers Furniture Retailer Closes California Stores

NYSE Might Drop Richmond, Va.-Based Furniture Retailer Heilig-Meyers

Fitch Downgrades Debt of Heilig-Meyers Company To `D'

Troubled Retailer to Close Two Stores in Spokane, Wash., Area

Bankruptcies Defy Growth In Furniture

Heilig-Meyers says bankruptcy court oks interim financing

Heilig-Meyers Receives Approval of First-Day Orders in Connection With Voluntary Chapter 11 Restructuring

Heilig-Meyers bankruptcy affects six W.Va. stores

Home furnishings retailer Heilig-Meyers Co. First Day News

Bankruptcy will close four Oklahoma stores

Home-Furnishings Firm Closes Outlets, Including 3 in Stockton, Calif., Area


Showscan Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization

South Alabama bankruptcies on the rise Figures show a decline nationwide

Florida Broker Companies Ordered to Turn Over Assets to Bilked Investors

"Corporate America blindly [pursuing] profitability over its obligation to treat the consuming public with fairness and honesty."

Charter Behavioral:

Psychiatric Chain Charter Settles Allegation

Charter Behavioral Settles Government Overcharge Suit For $7 Million


Fruit Of The Loom:

Fruit of the Loom Q2 loss from ongoing operations

Fruit of the Loom


Faltering Wayne, N.J.-Based Supermarket Chain Runs Short of Time

Columbus Community Hospital files for bankruptcy protection




New Bankruptcy Opinions
(3 new opinions today) 


Churches could face ruin

Agnew confirms it's shutting doors



Grenada Gov't Takes Over Bank



Problems arise from incomplete restructuring

Corporate bill defaults jump to 6-month high



Tony Martin may lose farm in legal fees row

Festival shrugs off bankruptcy rumour as fans shun 'rotten' epic

Festival chiefs deny cash crisis





New Zealand:

Court hears of perjury and high living



Puzzlement in a Land Where Rates Seldom Rise
NYT: free registration required)





Crown Vantage Announces Amended Letter of Intent; Open Bidding Begins

LaRoche Industries Enters into Stalking Horse Agreement with U.S. Nitrogen, LLC for Ammonium Nitrate Business


Safety-Kleen Announces New Chief Financial Officer

Safety-Kleen Names Former Advisor To Czech Republic New CFO



3 Carmike Theaters To Close Doors Mall Cinemas Shut Down After Bankruptcy Declaration

Tampa, Fla., Discount Movie Theaters to Shut Down


High-Seas Gambling Recipe For Bankruptcy

Metrocall Supplements its Competing Plan Motion and Objects To PageNet's Break-Up Fee/Window-Shop Provision


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