August 18, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Bad debt, bankruptcy and restructuring are prevalent despite thriving economy

Metrocall aims to block PageNet-Arch merger

Conseco Faces Loan Deadline, But Bankruptcy Unlikely

Equalnet 8-K - An "Inadvertent" Chapter 7?


Chapter 11 Not An Option For Most Failed Dot-Coms

Chuckling Maniacs by Association-

Amazon Partnerships In Spotlight After One Fails

E-tail shakeout continues

The cost of the dead

Who's next to die

Web Based Furniture Firm Defunct after Attempt to Go Online

Dot-com dalliances cost 'old-economy' firms Starbucks is latest loser in start-up investments



Shareholders and kudos fail to save

Starbucks Plans Charge to Write Down
Investment in Troubled Internet Retailer
paid subscription required)

Net costs Starbucks big bucks

Money Woes Take Life Out of

Update- Starbucks to Absorb Charge on Failed Investment in



Top Furniture Chain's Bankruptcy Could Mean Pain for Manufacturers

Collection Of Stories From Numerous Sources Regarding Heilig-Meyers Bankruptcy Filing

NYSE may delist ailing Heilig-Meyers


Valley loses furniture giant


Bondholders seek alternate buyer for Claridge

American Eco 8-K

American Pad & Paper Says It'll Have No Remaining Operations

Showscan Entertainment Inc. Announces Voluntary Petition to Reorganize

American MetroComm:

Cisco's court rival files for bankruptcy

Cisco Asserts $53 Million Claim Against American MetroComm Corp.


Monsour Medical:

Financial problems plague Monsour

Monsour settles with drug firm


NLRB rules against Richards & Conover, but effect of ruling is unclear

PI Sought to Help Find's Funds


New Bankruptcy Opinions
(2 new opinions today) 


Federal Bankruptcy Judge Rejects FTC Agreement With

Bankruptcy Judge Passes on Toysmart



Banks agree to swap AHMSA debt for company stake



Japan endorses sale of failed NCB to Softbank



Fish-lure maker declares bankruptcy



Liquidator to drop move against Wang


Reliance To Sell Accident-Health Business To Aon Unit

World Airways Says Liquidation Of Former Parent Complete

Hawaii: Liberty House plans to pay creditors to oppose bankruptcy petition

Red alert- Growers scramble as tomatoes ripen too fast

Allegheny's creditors can vote on debt plan

WebMD Lays Off Workers


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