May 28, 2002 

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How the Trial of Andersen Could Hurt a Fraud Case
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Andersen launches defense of the accountants
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Andersen Defense Calls High-Level Exec
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Andersen acquittal bid denied
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Andersen Attorney Temple Faces Scrutiny Over Document Advice

Prosecutors Describe Enron Evasion

Andersen lawyers deny shredding order


Pittsburgh: Homebuilder charged with stealing transformed by greed

VC firm to buy Gummie Bears maker


United among most ailing

US Airways CEO David Siegel: a man with a plan, personality


Grace bankruptcy funding questioned 


Congress Is A Dud On Enron Remedies

Will PGE rise from Enron's ashes?

U.S. power deregulation stalls in post-Enron world 

White House lawyer tells staff to turn in Enron papers / Counsel may claim executive privilege for some documents



Adelphia Seeking Cable Buyer in L.A. 

Adelphia gave $76.5 million to Sabres 

Adelphia talking to Charter chairman    


Denver aquarium treading water 

Beneath Glitz, Fading Vision?

Gliatech failure scars biotech field

Asbestos lawyers on the march

Debt fears rocking seismic firm

Bankrupt baseball team investor says he'd pay Diamonds ticket holders


Economy Grew Less Than Initially Thought in First Quarter
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Rivals can't stop ANC moves

Bankruptcy Reform:

Snag in Bankruptcy Overhaul



Global Voice buys Metromedia network
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Deal to rescue Global Crossing collapses
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China Netcom to Make Bid for Asia Global Crossing
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Global Crossing Investors Face Fight Over Who Is Lead Plaintiff 

Global Crossing's Revenue Accounting Poses Challenge to SEC
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Qwest faces several paths, but each leads down

Motient moves on

Teleglobe Continues Pursuit of Reorganization Alternatives

Teleglobe plans suffer setback 

Worldcom Claim Hinges On Missing Documents 

Global Crossing left stranded

No Surprise as Nextel Unit Lands in Bankruptcy Court


Defunct towers deal raises lender questions

Vivendi May Sell Assets to Avoid Paying Debt Early

Lawsuits, prosecutions take legal matters out of church's hands

Icahn looms over Thermadyne


Dissident investors face big losses on Birmingham Steel

Ex-Erie Forge employees get federal benefits


Nobel Laureate Warns of Further Financial Crisis

Shaw waiting for Beneco

East Europeans Tackle Business Failure


New Bankruptcy Opinions
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Bankruptcy Jobs - 111 Jobs - Last Updated May 20, 2002
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Bankruptcy Court Web/Pacer Site Directory

Sharing the songs in their hearts - For bankruptcy professional, music serves as creative outlet


Kmart investors get a voice
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$1 billion Kmart loss normal 

'Kmart letter' alleges intentional violations


The soccer family feuds over money

GenSci Announces Delay in Filing Annual Financial Statements 

Power Utilities:

Proposed order makes huge cuts in Nevada utility's rate request


Fifa's day of destiny approaches

Knowledge House: Notice of Default 

Chance Industries emerges from bankruptcy with $4M in new business

Halo to Sell Upshot Agency

Help on the way?


Kvaerner chief corrupt, say Oslo police
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BSkyB's demand for cash to force collapse of Kirch

Kirch Group holding company looking at possibility of bankruptcy



Firms are BASted in tough tax law



Business Suicides: Japan's Death Trap 


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