January 26, 2001  

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Greenspan Warns Growth is "Close to Zero" (DBN Subscription Required)

New World Announces Purchase of Einstein Bonds, Financing With New Institutional Investors (DBN Subscription Required)

Outboard Marine Liquidations Pulling Down Brunswick Earnings, Plant Closing Planned (DBN Subscription Required)


Letsbuyit.com - The world of Kim Schmitz (DBN Subscription Required)

Ex-hacker rescues Letsbuyit.com (DBN Subscription Required)

Bailout for LetsBuyIt.com (DBN Subscription Required)

EToys Cries For Help (DBN Subscription Required)

States to weigh in on Net privacy rules (DBN Subscription Required)

Digital broadcaster wins bid on bankrupt Webcaster Pseudo
(NYT: free registration required)

LetsBuyIt Finds a White Knight (DBN Subscription Required)

Vulture capitalist finds gold in the dot-com wreckage (DBN Subscription Required)

LetsBuyIt staff braced for job losses (DBN Subscription Required)


Lernout & Hauspie:

Lernout Close to Deal for 60 Million Rescue (DBN Subscription Required)

Bankruptcy Judge Allows Lernout & Hauspie's Efforts to Secure $60 Million Loan (DBN Subscription Required)


Movie Theater Industry:

AMC to Shut Up to 548 Screens (DBN Subscription Required)

U.S. crashes add to loss at Imax (DBN Subscription Required)

AMC rejects reports of disappointing performance

Long Island, NY: Loews' Woes Likely To Hit Local Screens (DBN Subscription Required)

Smoked Screens (DBN Subscription Required)

Imax Expecting to Post a Major Loss (DBN Subscription Required)


Icahn extends Reliance tender as lawsuits drag on (DBN Subscription Required)

Missouri Court Give $140 Million More to Bankrupt Transit Casualty Creditors (DBN Subscription Required)

3 with ties to bankrupt Monon Corp. face federal charges (DBN Subscription Required)

Experts offer differing predictions on direction of Las Vegas economy (DBN Subscription Required)

New Bank Of America Head Faces Growing Portfolio Of Large Bad Loans, Including Utilities (DBN Subscription Required)

Iridium Aims To Make The Most Of Its Second Chance (DBN Subscription Required)

  Power Utilities:

Bush Offers California Help in Power Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

Bush would ease pollution controls to help power crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

Legislative Progress Buoys Utility Stocks (DBN Subscription Required)

Poll: Bailout beats utility bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)

Energy Crisis in California Fails to Move Its Neighbors (DBN Subscription Required - NYT- free registration required)

Auction Results Spark Fears of Higher California Electricity Rates (DBN Subscription Required)

PG&E Unit Files to Recover Future Power Costs (DBN Subscription Required)

Keeping Rates Below Cost Sinks the Electric System (DBN Subscription Required)

Investment Banks Seek Advice Roles in California Power Crisis
(NYT: free registration required)

PG&E Files With Federal Court for Recovery of Going-Forward Wholesale Power Costs (DBN Subscription Required)

Energy wholesalers profiteering or just profiting? (DBN Subscription Required)

California governor: Bonds would produce power and cash for consumers (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif Power Suppliers: We're Still Waiting For Our Money (DBN Subscription Required)

State Must Guarantee Payment for Its Power (DBN Subscription Required)

California Moves Back From Brink of More Blackouts (DBN Subscription Required)

Boeing: Power crisis costing it millions (DBN Subscription Required)

Hoping to ease crisis, Calif. holds a power auction (DBN Subscription Required)

Shortages & Solutions (DBN Subscription Required)

Washington state acts to prevent power woes (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. lawmakers scramble to find energy solution (DBN Subscription Required)

Edison Plunge Proves Pool Needs Reform (DBN Subscription Required)

Auction may stave off bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. Power Crisis Hits Phelps Dodge (DBN Subscription Required)

Senators to Expend Energy on California Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

Greenspan says more electricity capacity needed in California (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. lawmaker unveils utility bailout plan (DBN Subscription Required)

Troubled utilities receive support from Merrill analyst (DBN Subscription Required)

Energy Crisis Poses Political Quandary for Bush

Calif. judge bars CalPX from liquidating PG&E contracts (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. woes will slow new deregulation plans-Skilling (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. weighs power bids from major energy producers (DBN Subscription Required)

California Learns Cost Of A Quick Fix For Its Energy Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

PG&E urges regulators to secure Calif. gas supplies (DBN Subscription Required)

California utilities: Worth the investment risk? (DBN Subscription Required)

Power-starved California looking for help (DBN Subscription Required)

No easy answers to end crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

The Yankee Group Reviews Rippling Effects of the California Energy Crisis And a Workable Solution (DBN Subscription Required)




New Bankruptcy Opinions
(3 new opinions today)

Tired Of Having To Type In Your Password Repeatedly?


Texas Group to Rescue Japan Bank
(NYT: free registration required)


Indianapolis, IN: Waccamaw Home Place will close 2 of its 3 locations (DBN Subscription Required)

Restructuring . . .

J.C. Penney to Cut Jobs as U.S. Retailer Plans 2d Round of Store Closures (DBN Subscription Required)

Sony cuts 500 jobs at San Diego plant (DBN Subscription Required)

Black & Decker Plans 400 Job Cuts Worldwide (DBN Subscription Required)


Wards and Heilig Meyers Bankruptcies Drag Down Maytag Earnings (DBN Subscription Required)


Airlines battle for TWA holdings (DBN Subscription Required)

Despite Objections, Analysts See TWA Going To American (DBN Subscription Required)

Struggling TWA Popular With Other Airlines (DBN Subscription Required)

TWA deal threatened (DBN Subscription Required)

Challenges to American TWA deal (DBN Subscription Required)

Congress to hold hearings on AMR-TWA merger Feb. 1 (DBN Subscription Required)


Lafayette, LA: Houston Man Indicted For Hiding Assets In Connection With WRT Bankruptcy Case (DBN Subscription Required)

LTV hires firm to help restructure operations (DBN Subscription Required)

Lucent Forced To Put Assets On The Line For Financing (DBN Subscription Required)

Honolulu: Liberty House bankruptcy costs exceed $10 mil (DBN Subscription Required)


Chiquita sues European Commission over banana barriers (DBN Subscription Required)

Chiquita Brands Files Lawsuit Against European Commission (DBN Subscription Required)


Heilig-Meyers Sees Equity Panel End, More Store Closings (DBN Subscription Required)

National Steel's 4th-Quarter Loss Widens, Remains Pessimitic on Future (DBN Subscription Required)

Computer Learning Center Students Fear Loss of Fees, Loans in Closures (DBN Subscription Required)


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