January 23, 2001  

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Converse runs out of tread (DBN Subscription Required)

Converse to Cut 1,000 Jobs (DBN Subscription Required)

Sneaker maker files for Chapter 11 protection from creditors (DBN Subscription Required)

Nostalgia greets Converse's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing (DBN Subscription Required)


Bankruptcy Reform:

Senate banking head pushes for overhaul (DBN Subscription Required)

Gramm To Push New Bankruptcy Bill (DBN Subscription Required)

Armey Says Bankruptcy Reform Near Top Of The Agenda (DBN Subscription Required)


Movie Theater Industry:

Loews closes 675 theaters (DBN Subscription Required)

Delaware Bankruptcy Court Confirms United Artists Theatre Company's Plan of Reorganization (DBN Subscription Required)

Loews Cineplex Plans to Close 675 Screens, May Seek Bankruptcy Protection (DBN Subscription Required)


Crown Vantage Clarifies Bankruptcy and Sale Status in Light of Recent Stock Movement (DBN Subscription Required)

Computer Learning Centers:

Computer Learning Centers Abruptly Closes Its Doors (DBN Subscription Required)

Computer Learning Centers Suspends Classes, Considering Bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)

Nasdaq Changes Halt Status Of Computer Learning Centers (DBN Subscription Required)



American Acknowledges Obstacles That Could Thwart TWA Merger (DBN Subscription Required)

TWA Seeks Court Approval of Retention Bonuses for Key Employees (DBN Subscription Required)


Anixter International Purchases Assets of Bankrupt Anicom (DBN Subscription Required)

Bankrupt Globe Manufacturing Signs Purchase and Sale Agreement (DBN Subscription Required)

Owens Corning:

Owens Corning Names David Brown COO (DBN Subscription Required)

Owens Corning Sees Tough First Half But Recovery in Second Half of 2001 (DBN Subscription Required)


Marineland giving up dolphin collateral to pay debt, but oldest staying put (DBN Subscription Required)

U.S. bankruptcy filings dip — but jump in Utah (DBN Subscription Required)


U.S. Interactive declares bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)

Power Utilities:

Senate Bills Would Cap Regional Power Prices (DBN Subscription Required)

SoCal Ed Fed Court Motion To Force CPUC Rate Hike Filed Monday (DBN Subscription Required)

No Stop In Calif. Power Drain (DBN Subscription Required)

California nears power solution

Calif. Controller Eyes Use Of Utils' Assets As Collateral (DBN Subscription Required)

SoCal Ed Seeks To Block CalPX Sale Of Its Pwr Contracts (DBN Subscription Required)

California Battles Energy-Transmission Problems as Power Woes Continue (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif Local Credits Shouldn't Weaken From Crisis: Moody's (DBN Subscription Required)

California May Repay Utilities' Debts, Gain Assets (DBN Subscription Required)

California Electricity Crisis Calls for Urgent, Practical Solution, EEI Says (DBN Subscription Required)

Start of California work week sees no relief from power woes (DBN Subscription Required)

Bush Unlikely to Intervene in Calif. (DBN Subscription Required)

Bush Nominee For FERC Head Against Federal Involvement In Power Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

California Casualty Insurers Say Power Crisis Is Not Yet a Big Problem, But That Could Change (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. Lurches Into 2nd Week of Power Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

Blackouts Threaten Future Of $1.3 Trillion Cal. Economy (DBN Subscription Required)

GPU Says Didn't Intend To Compare Pa Elec Mkts With Calif (DBN Subscription Required)

Showdown at the Kilowatt Corral (DBN Subscription Required)

Energy crisis may prevent compensation in "Erin Brokovich" water lawsuit (DBN Subscription Required)

California faces more power shortages (DBN Subscription Required)

Utility Bankruptcies Would Have Huge Impact (DBN Subscription Required)

Power industry begins Calif. PR campaign (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. Faces More Power Shortages (DBN Subscription Required)

California grid managers start daily scramble to find power (DBN Subscription Required)


James Skelton takes on restructuring job at Video Update (DBN Subscription Required)

Cornell, WI: City's largest employer files for bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)



New Bankruptcy Opinions
(1 new opinion today)

Legend Airlines:

Legend funding falls through (DBN Subscription Required)

Legend doesn't get loan money; would-be lender fails to produce $20 million it promised to airline (DBN Subscription Required)


Debt matters again, spate of bankruptcy filings show (DBN Subscription Required)


DSL: The beginning of the end (DBN Subscription Required)

Elcotel Files for Reorganization (DBN Subscription Required)

Globalstar Suspends All Debt Payments In Hopes Of Avoiding Bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)

DSL Storm Soaks Copper Mountain Networks (DBN Subscription Required)

NorthPoint: Black Humor And Broken Promises (DBN Subscription Required)

The Worst Show on Earth - Partners fall, as DSL providers lose their grip (DBN Subscription Required)

NorthPoint's Fetter Speaks Out (DBN Subscription Required)

Netopia Weathers CLEC Storm (DBN Subscription Required)


Monday January 22 1:36pm Contango Oil & Gas Company Enters Into Letter of Intent to Acquire Up to 50% of Bankrupt Tri-Union Development Corporation (DBN Subscription Required)


The eToys Saga: Costs Kept Rising But Sales Slowed (DBN Subscription Required)

InsiderStreet.com Unit Files For Bankruptcy Protection (DBN Subscription Required)



One of Few Profitable American Steel Companies Says "The Strong Should Survive" And Assets Of Bankrupt Companies "Not Worth The Baggage" (DBN Subscription Required)


Colleges Paid Millions By Banks To Solicit Students (DBN Subscription Required)


Chiquita says EU's tariffs push it to brink of bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)

Chiquita woes felt worldwide (DBN Subscription Required)


Case that began with 1994 murder lands in KC bankruptcy court

Krigel's Jewelers files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection


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