January 22, 2001  

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Power Utilities:

Calif. Struggles with Power Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

PG&E loan may not stop bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)

Californian lawmaker to propose utilities plan in which utilities cede assets to State (DBN Subscription Required)

Bankruptcies of California's Utilities Would Cause Widespread Aftershocks (DBN Subscription Required)

California Assembly Speaker Suggests Use of Bonds to Reimburse Utilities (DBN Subscription Required)

Small Generators to Suspend Electric Service to SoCal Edison (DBN Subscription Required)

The Lights Are On But the Problem's Not Over (DBN Subscription Required)

California wearily faces another week of power shortages (DBN Subscription Required)

Ace faces big loss from California blackout (DBN Subscription Required)

Edison Says It's Too Poor To Pay Overtime (DBN Subscription Required)

Orange Cty, Calif. forms committee aiming to protect Edison creditors (DBN Subscription Required)

Utilities No Longer Safe Haven (DBN Subscription Required)

Bold bond buyers hope for big score amid energy chaos (DBN Subscription Required)

Bankruptcy unlikely cure for crisis: Experts say energy confusion would result (DBN Subscription Required)

Critical Juncture Looms in California Power Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

CalPX becomes first victim of Calif. power crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

Reliant says needs Calif. power payment guarantee or it will close Calif. generating plants (DBN Subscription Required)

Energy crisis costs rise (DBN Subscription Required)

California Extends Stage 3 Alert To Midnight 12/21 (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. Seeks to Block PG&E Assets Move (DBN Subscription Required)

PG&E Issues Response To Announcement Of AG Suit To Block Asset Protection Moves (DBN Subscription Required)

S&P Reacts To State's Rescue Plan By Placing California's Debt On Credit Watch, Warns State Does Not Have Sufficient Funds To Bail Out Utilities (DBN Subscription Required)

Vultures look to swarm over Calif utility bonds (DBN Subscription Required)

New FERC head calls Calif power crisis a 'catastrophe' (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. orders utilities to stay in game (DBN Subscription Required)

FERC Doesn't Resume Settlement Talks on California Energy Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

California's finance-driven blackouts (DBN Subscription Required)

California Utilities' Impending Bankruptcy Is a Step into the Unknown (DBN Subscription Required)

Calif. power buys might total $5 bln (DBN Subscription Required)

Utility Issues: Albatross or Opportunity? (DBN Subscription Required)

Federal Reserve officials suggest hands-off stance on utility crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

Fears of Utility Bankruptcies Abound (DBN Subscription Required)

Bush says price caps no fix for California (DBN Subscription Required)

Power Vacuum: An Issue Briefing On California's Electricity Crisis
(WSJ: paid subscription required)

Utility Bankruptcy Would Not Dim Lights Consumers could be hit with huge rate increases to stabilize

Blackout bonanza in power supplies (DBN Subscription Required)

California Electricity Crisis Grows As Residents Face Rolling Blackouts
(WSJ: paid subscription required)

FERC: Calif. Authorities Have Showed "Bald Disregard" For FERC While Pursuing Shortsighted Policies (DBN Subscription Required)

Some painful decisions needed to end California power crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

State Probing Power Generators' Practices

Some Investors Bet on Bonds of California Utilities (DBN Subscription Required)

Some Analysts Keep 'Buy' Ratings on Edison, PG&E (DBN Subscription Required)


  Bankruptcy Data Privacy/Reform:

Bankruptcy Filings Compromise Privacy - US Treasury (DBN Subscription Required)

Bank Data Should Be Limited In Bankruptcy Files (DBN Subscription Required)

Grassley to try and introduce bankruptcy reform bill in next couple of weeks (DBN Subscription Required)

U.S. recommends new bankruptcy privacy protections (DBN Subscription Required)

Clinton urges bankruptcy rights (DBN Subscription Required)

Chairwoman of American Express Mutual Funds Can't Conceive Of Conflict Arising From Vice President's Wife On Board Pushing For Bankruptcy Reform (DBN Subscription Required)


Presidential Pardons:

Clinton Pardons Whitewater Figure Convicted Of Bankruptcy Fraud (DBN Subscription Required)

And Another Bankruptcy Fraud Defendant . . . (DBN Subscription Required)

Austin, TX: Pardoned ex-banker still owes civil-suit creditors (DBN Subscription Required)

Symington: 'The most elegant way to end this saga' (DBN Subscription Required)

Symington finally gets just deserts (DBN Subscription Required)

Sequence of events of key importance in Symington saga (DBN Subscription Required)



Northpoint CEO Exec Tried to Avert Bankruptcy Filing (DBN Subscription Required)

DSL Providers Dropping With Dot-Com Bust NorthPoint Communications of S.F. is latest in trouble

The Bell Tolls For NorthPoint (DBN Subscription Required)


State and Municipal Governments: Bracing for Slowdown's Effect on Coffers (DBN Subscription Required)

Physician Pleads Guilty To Fraud In Ongoing Probe Of Bankrupt Doctors Hospital (DBN Subscription Required)

Will The World Feel America's Economic Slowdown? (DBN Subscription Required)

Company in Trouble? They're Waiting (DBN Subscription Required - NYT, free registration required)


Europe's Favorite Banana Under Fire (DBN Subscription Required)

Chiquita's woes cast harsh light on Europe's banana restrictions (DBN Subscription Required)


ETS: Payphone investment becomes black hole, not blue chip (DBN Subscription Required)

Westminster, TX: Ex-speed trap town in bankruptcy court (DBN Subscription Required)

Nashville, TN: HealthMont bets business on bankrupt rural hospitals (DBN Subscription Required)

Power Utilities (cont.)

Wall Street Balks at Power Crisis (DBN Subscription Required)

New President Will Have Few Options For Fixing California's Energy Crisis
(WSJ: paid subscription required)

Crisis Ripples to Calif. Economy (DBN Subscription Required)

State stages a power grab (DBN Subscription Required)

Some California companies idle workers as state's energy crisis continues (DBN Subscription Required)

Ripples: Itron, Inc. Comments on SoCal Edison Contract (DBN Subscription Required)

Will Calif. energy woes weaken national economy? (DBN Subscription Required)

Weekend Offers Little Relief
From California Power Woes
(WSJ: paid subscription required)

Yes, money does equal power -- Energy shortages a matter of price (DBN Subscription Required)

Energy crisis called 'a conspiracy of bad planning' (DBN Subscription Required)

California Pipeline Operator Warns Of Gas Shortages Due to Power Outages
(WSJ: paid subscription required)







New Bankruptcy Opinions
(No new opinions today)


Japanese corporate bankruptcies rise in 2000 (DBN Subscription Required)

Japanese prime minister not trusted by 94 percent (DBN Subscription Required)


Anna Nicole:

Former Playboy playmate sues Koch Industries for $474 million (DBN Subscription Required)

Anna Nicole Back in Court (DBN Subscription Required)


American Stock Exchange will delist TWA (DBN Subscription Required)

St. Petersburg, FL: Holiday decline hits decor chain (DBN Subscription Required)

Lernout & Hauspie:

Disaster Of The Day: Lernout & Hauspie (DBN Subscription Required)

Turmoil at L&H continues (DBN Subscription Required)


Long Island, NY: Shellfishing Fine Overturned Judge: Aquaculture thought it owned land (DBN Subscription Required)


EToys Leaves Creditors In A Lurch (DBN Subscription Required)

eToys Misses $2M Payment to Creditor - Informal creditor committee forming (DBN Subscription Required)

'I See Dead Companies ...' (DBN Subscription Required)

LetsBuyIt.com faces deadline (DBN Subscription Required)

No playmates yet for eToys (DBN Subscription Required)

LetsBuyIt.com Has Five Days To Find Cash (DBN Subscription Required)


Intrenet Files for Chapter 11 (DBN Subscription Required)

San Diego Symphony comes back strong from bankruptcy (DBN Subscription Required)

Steel market spawns anxiety in Ohio (DBN Subscription Required)

Movie Theater Industry:

Boom And Bust (DBN Subscription Required)

Denver businessman set to own U.A. theater chain (DBN Subscription Required)

Edwards Theaters Assumes Megaplex Leases (DBN Subscription Required)

Carmike Cinemas Shares Move To OTCBB From NYSE (DBN Subscription Required)


Restructuring . . .

Chrysler lays off over 250 workers, more to come? (DBN Subscription Required)

Cutting back--everywhere (DBN Subscription Required)

Layoff roundup (DBN Subscription Required)

PawnMart, Inc. Announces Restructuring Plan (DBN Subscription Required)

ABC News to Trim Budget (DBN Subscription Required)

Computer Sciences Corp. Cuts Jobs (DBN Subscription Required)



























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