July 17, 2000

Daily Bankruptcy News

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Disney Offer to Buy/Retire Toysmart Customer List Inadequate?

Lawyers Wrestle With Online Privacy

Paging Network:

Bondholders seek to place Paging Network in Bankrutpcy

Involuntary Filed Against Paging Network

Debts Land Paging Network in Bankruptcy


Bankrupt Aileen, Inc. Announces Sale of Plant


The Coming Week in Asia: Sogo Muddies the Waters

Japanese Bankruptcies: Record High

Sogo Bankruptcy Fallout

Collapse of Sogo Likely to Hasten Reform

Japan Government Downplays Sogo Impact

Foreign Investors May Have Role in Sogo Rehabilitation

Concern About Sogo Bankruptcy Keeps Bank of Japan Interest Rate at Zero


Court Overrules Objections to CRIIMI MAE's Disclosure Statement and Will Set Date for Confirmation Hearing


  Frederick's Of Hollywood To Argue That Lenders Are Not Secured

Innovative Clinical Files Chapter 11

Innovative Clinical Solutions Announces Initiation of Bond Restructuring Plan

Online Drugstore Vitago Cutting Costs to Try to Avoid Boo-Like Meltdown
(WSJ: paid subscription required)

Prime Succession Receives Bankruptcy Court Approval for Ordinary Course Payments


Uncertainty Reigns At Tri-Valley

Tri-Valley: Payroll Approved, But Financing Delayed

Tri-Valley Bankruptcy Puts Growers in Pinch

Livent Owner Settles Claims Against KPMG, Which Reportedly Admits Breach of Fiduciary Duty

New American Healthcare:

Court Approves Transfer of Operations of Puget Sound Hospital

Court Approves Sale of Four Hospitals

HealthMont Acquires Four Hospitals from New American Healthcare 



New Bankruptcy Opinions
(4 new opinions today)

Clinton Still Willing to Veto Bankruptcy Reform Bill

Trustee Appointed for Two "Nonexistent" Arizona Towns

Son's Right to File Bankruptcy for Parents Disputed

Loads and Lingerie

American Biomed to File Chapter 7

The Next Mega Bankruptcies? Big Tobacco: 

Big Tobacco Hit With $145 Billion Judgment

Industry Has resources to Address Huge Verdicts
(WSJ: paid subscription required)

Laws Limit Damages Against Tobacco

No Immediate Impact Expected from Huge Damage Award

Appeal Expected

Tobacco Industry Readies for Apppeal


Wisconsin Bank Closed By Regulators for Flawed Lending Practices

Senior Housing Takes More Mariner Nursing Homes

Shaw Group Completes Acquisition of Stone & Webster Assets

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